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Headline Creator Pro Software
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The 1st and only software product on the market, today, that automatically creates Proven, Power And Time-Tested Headlines Based On The Greatest Profit-Pulling Headlines In History.

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If, within 8 weeks, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with Headline Creator Pro, tell us, and we will immediately refund what you have paid. Yes, you've downloaded some software and yes, there's no way we can stop you using it after you've got a refund. It's a matter of trust. And we trust you. If we're wrong in this trust, then we lose.

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I know that you're in a hurry to get your hands on Headline Creator Pro, and start producing those killer headlines, but I want to make you a further offer. Since you are clearly interested in copywriting for profit, I'd like to give you a massive array of copywriting resources for a fraction of the price that they are currently selling online. Please take a couple of minutes to look at what you can get. Note: all the links to the real sales pages for these products open in a new browser window, so you won't lose this page.

The Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package
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Website Copywriting Made Easy

Web Copywriting Made Easy is the biggest resource on copywriting I have ever encountered. I bought the resale rights instantly! I am currently selling this for $67 - and you can check this out - along with all the resources you will get - from here.

I was in two minds about whether to include this here, because it's been selling so well at the full price! In the end, I decided "yes". You get this impressive resource if you buy the Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package.


NameRazor is an ideal companion to Headline Creator Pro. HCP produces headlines. NameRazor brainstorms names. It could be domain names, business names, product names - whatever you want. Hey, NameRazor is so good, it even named itself!

I'm currently selling this product for $27, and you can check out all the details here. But for you, it's at no extra cost. It's included in the Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package.

Website Conversion Secrets

Ewen Chia is one of the guys I follow very closely. When he released resale rights to his unique "Website Conversion Secrets", I snapped it up instantly. Where else can you find the 40 most common mistakes that Internet Marketers make? I have to make a confession. I found a few that I had been making :-(

Not any more! I'm currently selling this great eBook for $27 from here. It's your's right now, included in the Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package.

597 Business Letters

Whatever kind of business you are running, you will always find a Sales Letter or Business Form suitable for your use in "597 Sales Letters and Business Forms". Find letters and forms for sales, collections, credit, employees, leases, transfers, referrals, and more.

I have the resale rights to this invaluable resource (and you will have too), but I'm not selling it. If you want to buy it separately, the author, Bill Meyers is selling it on his site here for $34.95. But it's included in the Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package.

Summary Value
Headline Creator Pro $37.00
Web Copywriting Made Easy $67.00
NameRazor $27.00
Website Conversion Secrets $27.00
597 Sales Letters and Business Forms $34.95
Total $192.95
Price of HCP Enhanced Package $67.00
Total Savings $125.95

Compare The Packages And Make Your Choice..
Headline Creator Pro Standard Package $37
Headline Creator Pro Enhanced Package $67
8 weeks Money Back Guarantee On Either Package $0

Please note: Unlike some offers you may have seen, I'm not offering a notional thousand dollar package for peanuts. Yes, I've seen them, and I'm sure you have too! Bundle after bundle after bundle of tired old products, well past their sell-by date. No way will I go down that route!

What you are being offered here are some really solid, tried-and-tested copywriting resources that have been proved to boost sales and profits. And I've cut the prices as far as I want to. I'm even nervous that I've gone too far!

Don't delay, in case I change my mind!

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